Jesus In 1 Chronicles

Jesus in 1 Chronicles


“And these were born to him in Jerusalem: Shimea, Shobab, Nathan, and Solomon – four by Bathshua the daughter of Ammiel.”                        

1 Chronicles 3:5 NKJV


                When you read the two books of Chronicles it is uniquely different from their parallel counterparts in 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, and 2 Kings. The books of Chronicles is not just a simple retelling of the history that was already stated in the other books just mentioned, but it is a narrative that focuses on the religious aspect of God’s people with a special emphasis on the House of David.

                Connecting this to Jesus may seem simple and obvious with Solomon, therefore, I wanted to focus on a little known brother to Solomon. To my knowledge only here and one other place do we see Solomon’s brother even mentioned. However, we would do well to pay attention to little brother because his name is Nathan.

                When you consider the family heritage of Jesus, we go to two passages in the New Testament. We visit Matthew 1 and Luke 3. However, one learns quickly that the two genealogies do not match.  Also of note is the fact that Matthew’s account includes a man’s family line that is cursed to never have a son sit on the throne of David again (Jeremiah 36:30, 31).  So it is no wonder that Jesus is not a blood descendant of Jehoiakim.  Yet, who is to be a son of David to sit on the throne forever? Jesus is certainly that son because we have Luke 3, which after study, I conclude to be Mary’s genealogy. Note how Luke and Matthew are in agreement until you mention the son of David. In Matthew Solomon is mentioned (Matthew 1:6), and in Luke it is Nathan (Luke 3:31). Jesus is the King!

                Will you submit and follow your king? To submit and to follow requires obedience.  Obedience begins by believing in Him which includes confessing Him (Romans 10:8, 9), repenting of our sins (Acts 2:28), being baptized into Christ (Galatians 3:27), and living faithfully until death (Revelation 2:10).